The secure app to store crypto yourself

  • Store all your digital assets in one place
  • Buy/Sell VNDC tokens via Bank account and agents.
  • Support VNDC Staking and VNDC Credit Line
  • Pay friends (off-chain) and pay ERC20 address (on-chain)

All your digital assets in one place

Take full control of your tokens by storing them on VNDC infrastructure

Multi-Coin Support

Manage VNDC, BTC, ETH, CHI, USDT and all your ERC-20 tokens.

On-chain & Off-chain

Use VNDC Wallet to send/receive currencies via ERC20 token and VNDC account (Email, Phone).

Secure storage

Your keys and personal information are protected with the VNDC Security system and biometric authentication technology.

Easily send and receive

Pay anyone in the world with just a friendly name on the VNDC Wallet

Download VNDC Wallet and enjoy all features