VIDB Completed

VNDC International Digital Banking

Token Price
1 VIDB = 4,686 VNDC
Session Supply
100,000,000 VIDB
Start time


VIDB (International Digital Bank VNDC) is a utility token used in the VNDC financial ecosystem: VNDC Exchange, VNDC Borrow, VNDC Staking, VNDC Farming, VNDC P2P,...In addition, VIDB is considered as an asset representing the value of the VNDC platform. Investors owning VIDB will be shared profit every day.

VNDC Ecosystem

- VNDC Wallet Send, receive and store digital assets
- VNDC Exchange Exchange digital assets with high liquidity and ease of use
- VNDC Staking Pay interest every day from the Proof-of-Stake principle
- VNDC Farming Help users to exploit liquidity for profit
- VNDC Credit Line Mortgage loan with digital assets
- VNDC P2P Trading Peer-to-Peer trading fast and absolutely safe
- VNDC Launchpad Introduce new projects released for the first time
- VNDC Redeem Convert VNDC to other goods and assets through partners, merchants
- VNDC Escrow Exchange safely between 2 investors
- VNDC Airdrop Give away gifts, lucky numbers from listed projects
- VNDC Partner Manage sales, business profits for partners and transaction offices
- VNDC Stocks Fast and continuous investment channel for stocks 24/7


- The collateral for the loan
- Transaction fees in the VNDC ecosystem
- Evaluating account rank and business partner
- Joining the Yield Farming
- Sharing business profits for investors in the VNDC ecosystem
- Dividing user privileges
- A safe investment channel for users

VIDB Token

Token Standard ERC20 (Ethereum)
Smart contract 0xbfce0c7d3ba3a7f7a039521fe371a87bf84baad4
Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 VIDB
Token Sale 500,000,000 VIDB (50%)
Overdraft provisions 250,000,000 VIDB (50% - Trao quyền 12 tháng)
Founding team 125,000,000 VIDB (12.5% - Trao quyền 48 tháng)
Marketing and Airdrop 60,000,000 VIDB (6.0% - Trao quyền 18 tháng)
Legal advisor 65,000,000 VIDB (6.5% - Trao quyền 12 tháng)

VIDB Token

Token Price 1 VIDB = 4,686 VNDC
Session Supply 100,000,000 VIDB
Start time 21/12/2020
Sold 100.00%