Terms of Service

Last updated: 19, December 2019

By accessing this website or using the VNDC Wallet Pro application, users are fully aware of and commit to accept by the terms set forth below regarding access to information provided by VNDC (short for the company-owned: VNDC Holding PTE. LTD, Singapore).

1. Intellectual property rights:

All data on the vndc.io website and VNDC Wallet Pro app, including price, data, and other information as well as existing software programs, are copyrighted and trademarked and other forms of ownership and ownership of VNDC Holding PTE LTD. The redistribution of the above data without the specific written consent of VNDC is illegal. Users are only allowed to use this information for their own personal purposes.

2. Exclusion and limitation of liability:

The main purpose of this service is to provide information to users. However, although the information is collected from reliable sources, is selective and up to date Updated regularly, but VNDC does not accept any obligation or liability in the event of incidents such as deviations, delays, interruptions, defects, or misses.

3. Associate policy:

The use, position, and other relevant matters of linking must comply with the following principles: - Do not damage or adversely affect the name and brand of VNDC. - Do not create any misunderstanding that an organization is related to or sponsored by VNDC. VNDC reserves the right to unilaterally refuse its claims without giving any reason. Therefore, VNDC may unilaterally cancel agreements on providing links to a specific content or page on the website. The website of VNDC may contain links to other websites not under the control of VNDC. VNDC assumes no responsibility whatsoever with respect to the content of linked sites or the links contained therein. Such linked sites may contain copyrighted information and restrictions on reuse. The use of copyrighted information requires approval from the original.

4. Applicable law and authority:

These terms comply with and in accordance with Singapore laws.

5. Other terms:

VNDC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the service as well as the content or specifications of any aspect of the service, at any time with or without notice to the customers.