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VNDC Stablecoin - Proof of Funds

The value of VNDC is guaranteed by Vietnam Dong (VND) and VNDC always has the same value as VND (1 VNDC = 1 VND)

Basic Info

Smart Contract

Note: The number of 'Total supply' will be updated in every phase.

Platform Type Date Quantity (VNDC) Transaction Hash Proof of Funds
ERC20 Minting 21/01/2020 6,441,454,400 0xb5a27eb53d2b37731... Download
ERC20 Minting 21/01/2020 19,000,000,000 0x8298246c7bae7d83f... Download
ERC20 Minting 18/01/2020 5,000,000,000 0x22d0185e9f3611254... Download
ERC20 Minting 18/01/2020 21,000,000,000 0x1d0bc7894ff412fd5... Download
ERC20 Minting 12/11/2019 27,950,000,000 0xb6b19cad97b6baf50... Download
BEP2 Burning 12/11/2019 27,950,000,000 58F97639633275AE47A... Download
BEP2 Minting 09/10/2019 29,000,000,000 32F59D803FE2FBC209E... Download
BEP2 Minting 03/10/2019 1,000,000,000 DB969F8AED57FFD8028... Download
ERC20 Minting 23/09/2019 8,000,000,000 0x7a632801684e25b60... Download
ERC20 Minting 19/09/2019 29,300,000,000 0x645cfa51d6d045516... Download
ERC20 Minting 16/09/2019 2,000,000,000 0x80ea0f55db59ebd44... Download